Monday, November 23, 2009

035 - character design

trying to develop the story that nottingham fits into more. this is another character who i named wren. all three are the same character, only in different reincarnations. it's hard to explain at the moment, i'm still working everything out.

textures from julkusiowa and resurgere.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

034 - character design

nottingham has become one of my favourite characters since i made him up over the summer and i've been developing him more. somehow, he ended up with a sort of deity form, pictured here. i'm super fond of drawing the both of them. i'm trying very hard to place a story around him, but it's proving to be difficult. i'm sure i'll come up with something eventually though, he's fun to think about.

there's a non textured version here.

textures are from
insan-stock, julkusiowa, and resurgere, all at deviantart.

033 - a midsummer night's dream

this is my favourite thing that i did in type last year. we had to take some sort of text in the public domain and design a book for part of it using only one font. i chose a midsummer night's dream because it's one of my favourite works by shakespeare. my font was baskerville because it's lovely.

this is only one page, but here's the whole book in pdf format: A Midsummer Night's Dream

032 - thank you card design

this was a thank you card for some event that we also had to design a postcard for. i spent much more time working on the thank you card so i'm showing that instead of the postcard.

031 - poster design

work from type class last year. i really enjoy typesetting but i don't do any of it anymore now that i don't have to take any graphic design classes, so i decided to upload some stuff from last year to show that i can do it. this was a poster for a festival.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

030 - favourite movie illustrations

i had an assignment in my illustration class to illustrate my favourite movie. i have tons of favourite movies, but i managed to narrow it down to the history boys. i did two, only because i wanted to incorporate the majority of the main characters and then i wanted to do a portrait of my favourite one, posner.

029 - character illustration / fanart

as any of you doctor who fans might know, the black guardian trilogy was finally released on dvd in august, and then here in the the states earlier this month. i made it a point to make sure mine were delivered exactly on that release date and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful amount of special features. i couldn't pass up a chance to draw good old turlough in the midst of all that. re-watching this trilogy always makes my turlough love kick right back up again and i end up doodling him everywhere. i usually end up making him pretty camp, but i don't think there's any denying that turlough was anything but. and i had always been wanting to include his lovely stripey socks in one drawing of him, so there we go.

028 - character illustration

another doodle from world civ. this mod rabbit is a character i made up some time spring semester last year. i like mods and i like rabbits. it's only natural to combine the two.

he rides a scooter too.

027 - character illustration

if you're wondering why exactly i'm uploading so many things out of the blue, i'm trying to put together a portfolio for an internship fair on friday so i'm finishing some doodles i've been doing in classes. mostly world civ because it's boring sometimes.

this one really just came out of nowhere and is pretty much me having fun. i want a long cigarette holder.

026 - character illustration

if any of you are dorks like i am and own the harry potter quidditch world cup game, play as england. they're my absolute favourite team and this is fanart of one of the chasers, keaton flitney (yes i've played it enough to know just which name goes with which character. at least for the chasers, keeper and seeker on england). i'm taking a harry potter class this semester, so it usually increases my nerd level to over 9000 and makes me draw nerdy things.

025 - self portrait

every once in a while i like to do a new self portrait with my doctor who scarf, just because it's epic and awesome and took me forever to knit.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

024 - marker character illustrations

sorry about me not posting anything, i've been caught up in my class work. but i bought some marker paper about a week ago and decided, after about a year of not using them, to play with my prismas. and of course, i end up defaulting to these characters when i'm playing with markers. coop and ten, aren't they lovely. i was thinking about doing the others from this storyline as well.