Tuesday, December 8, 2009

045 - planet character designs - pluto

pluto is named cole delaney.

"Cole was the last person to take up residence at Solar Heights. Because of this, he was always slightly ostracised from the others. Eventually, he was asked to move out of his room in order to extend the kitchen and he got moved to the dark, cold basement. Cole is moody and spends a lot of his time alone, listening to music - even Eaton spends less time alone than he does. He’s now just waiting for the day when they actually kick him out of the house. He knows it must be coming sometime."

044 - planet character designs - neptune

neptune is named calder poole.

"Calder is quite brainy and very good at mathematics. It’s because of this that he tends to look down at the other boarders in the house, but he’s nowhere near as cold as Eaton. When not reading or doing some sort of work, Calder enjoys swimming and is a lifeguard at a local swimming pool."

043 - planet character designs - uranus

uranus is named eaton caulfield.

"Compared to the other boarders, Eaton is probably the most bland and boring. He’s very cold in temperament, so it’s fitting that he should always find himself cold in terms of body temperature. He’s often seen dressed in warm clothing, if anyone sees him at all. He spends a lot of his time sleeping."

042 - planet character designs - saturn

saturn is named odelette masson.

"Odelette enjoys looking extravagant and is considered beautiful by many. She is very charming and tends to draw many people to her, if only due to her unique appearance. She has an odd fondness for fish and keeps large aquariums filled with over 60 of them. She has a fun time finding names for all of them."

041 - planet character designs - jupiter

jupiter is named sherwin legrand.

"The first thing people tend to notice about Sherwin is the “wine stain” birthmark over his eye. He’s grown used to this over time. The second thing people notice is how large he is. His size might sometimes intimidate others, but he’s basically harmless. He is often jovial and good natured, and tries to keep peace when Aidan might be busy. He sports a cast thanks to a car accident he was in with someone called Shoemaker not too long ago. He’s something of a pack rat and his room is very cluttered."

Monday, December 7, 2009

040 - planet character designs - mars

mars is named aldred reid.

"Aldred was once very rich and prosperous, but his family business went under and he went bankrupt, forcing him to move into the affordable Solar Heights boarding house. He has very few posessions left and his room looks very empty and desolate, something he finds hard to get used to. Another thing he can’t get used to is how much time Gina spends bothering him."

039 - planet character designs - earth

earth is named gina roberts.

"Gina is very different from her twin sister, Eleanor. She is lively and energetic and enjoys spending much of her time outside. Her room is filled with plants and she’s working to set up a garden on the roof. She tries very hard to become friends with everyone else living in the boarding house and they all just basically tolerate her. In addition to being ridiculously friendly with everyone, she also leaves little trinkets in everyone else’s rooms and won’t take them back. She is overly fond of Aldred and shows it. Often."

038 - planet character designs - venus

venus is named eleanor roberts. she and the earth are twins.

"Eleanor, at a glance, may look very beautiful and similar to her twin sister Gina, but once one looks below the surface she is anything but. She is slightly crazy and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone bothering her. She and her sister live in separate rooms due to the greatly different lifestyles they have."

037 - planet character designs - mercury

mercury is named bryce ferro. this is what i wrote about him:

"Bryce is small and quick, and also rather eccentric, even more so than the other boarders. He has a hard time staying in one place for a long period of time. This may be due to a slight balance problem he has that causes him to wobble slightly when standing still. He also collects iron things and has a large quantity of them strewn about his room."

036 - planet character designs - the sun

for my astronomy and illustration final projects, i chose to take characteristics of the planets (+the sun and pluto) and turn them into human characters. i gave them all names (that mean something related to what they're based on) and backgrounds and personalities. i also developed a storyline for them that goes like this:

"Solar Heights is a boarding house on Milky Way Blvd owned by Aidan Steren. He inherited it from his family and turned it into what it has become today. Though it may seem odd to find a middle-aged man running a boarding house on his own, Solar Heights runs very smoothly. The nearby apartment complex, Andromeda, is always looking to take over the building, knock it down, and turn it into another branch of apartments, but Aidan refuses to let it go without a fight.

It has three floors and a basement. The third floor is one whole suite occupied by Aidan himself. On the floor below lives Bryce, Eleanor, Gina and Aldred. The ground floor is occupied by Sherwin, Odelette, Eaton and Calder. Cole lives in the basement. The boarders all have their own odd little quirks and tend to butt heads ever so often."

this is the character based on the sun, aidan steren. here is what i wrote about him.

"Aidan is the landlord of the Solar Heights boarding house. He is older than all of his boarders and works hard to keep them in check. For the most part, they usually follow his rules and orders and respect him. He mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t leave his suite much. If the boarders need him, they usually go to him."