Friday, May 28, 2010

064 - character design

i've been so unproductive since i finished the semester and moved into my new apartment. i've been sketching a little, but never anything worth finishing. this sketch i did during the end of the semester and i decided that i had to do some sort of art, so i finished it.

gull is a character i've been working on for a bit, i don't have too much worked out about him yet, but i've been itching to character design and just have no proper ideas to go off of.

the deviantart artist
kalamu posted a shading tutorial that looked really neat, so i tried it and i really like the way it turns out looking. i might play around with it more in the future.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

063 - gig poster

we had to design a gig poster in digital painting, so i chose to do one for a fictional gig featuring my favourite band, the guillemots. i will probably modify this next semester (make it not a gig poster) and do a screen print version.

Friday, May 21, 2010

062 - book cover

in digital painting we had to design a book cover, and it had been a while since i did anything with my love for good omens.

061 - start here go anywhere

for one of my illustration assignments, we were given the phrase "start here, go anywhere" and a size requirement and told to do anything. i took the sheep characters i made up for my fake video game and decided to play with them again.

060 - children's book

i wrote, illustrated and bound my own children's book this past semester. it's in full colour with a bunch of roughs and two final spreads+cover. these are photos of the actual, physical book that i took to include in my survey. i'll try to get some of the digital files uploaded so you guys can see them in better quality. not only was it a good learning experience for me, but i got to play with type - something i missed doing since i'm not in type class anymore.