Tuesday, December 8, 2009

045 - planet character designs - pluto

pluto is named cole delaney.

"Cole was the last person to take up residence at Solar Heights. Because of this, he was always slightly ostracised from the others. Eventually, he was asked to move out of his room in order to extend the kitchen and he got moved to the dark, cold basement. Cole is moody and spends a lot of his time alone, listening to music - even Eaton spends less time alone than he does. He’s now just waiting for the day when they actually kick him out of the house. He knows it must be coming sometime."

044 - planet character designs - neptune

neptune is named calder poole.

"Calder is quite brainy and very good at mathematics. It’s because of this that he tends to look down at the other boarders in the house, but he’s nowhere near as cold as Eaton. When not reading or doing some sort of work, Calder enjoys swimming and is a lifeguard at a local swimming pool."

043 - planet character designs - uranus

uranus is named eaton caulfield.

"Compared to the other boarders, Eaton is probably the most bland and boring. He’s very cold in temperament, so it’s fitting that he should always find himself cold in terms of body temperature. He’s often seen dressed in warm clothing, if anyone sees him at all. He spends a lot of his time sleeping."

042 - planet character designs - saturn

saturn is named odelette masson.

"Odelette enjoys looking extravagant and is considered beautiful by many. She is very charming and tends to draw many people to her, if only due to her unique appearance. She has an odd fondness for fish and keeps large aquariums filled with over 60 of them. She has a fun time finding names for all of them."

041 - planet character designs - jupiter

jupiter is named sherwin legrand.

"The first thing people tend to notice about Sherwin is the “wine stain” birthmark over his eye. He’s grown used to this over time. The second thing people notice is how large he is. His size might sometimes intimidate others, but he’s basically harmless. He is often jovial and good natured, and tries to keep peace when Aidan might be busy. He sports a cast thanks to a car accident he was in with someone called Shoemaker not too long ago. He’s something of a pack rat and his room is very cluttered."

Monday, December 7, 2009

040 - planet character designs - mars

mars is named aldred reid.

"Aldred was once very rich and prosperous, but his family business went under and he went bankrupt, forcing him to move into the affordable Solar Heights boarding house. He has very few posessions left and his room looks very empty and desolate, something he finds hard to get used to. Another thing he can’t get used to is how much time Gina spends bothering him."

039 - planet character designs - earth

earth is named gina roberts.

"Gina is very different from her twin sister, Eleanor. She is lively and energetic and enjoys spending much of her time outside. Her room is filled with plants and she’s working to set up a garden on the roof. She tries very hard to become friends with everyone else living in the boarding house and they all just basically tolerate her. In addition to being ridiculously friendly with everyone, she also leaves little trinkets in everyone else’s rooms and won’t take them back. She is overly fond of Aldred and shows it. Often."

038 - planet character designs - venus

venus is named eleanor roberts. she and the earth are twins.

"Eleanor, at a glance, may look very beautiful and similar to her twin sister Gina, but once one looks below the surface she is anything but. She is slightly crazy and will not hesitate to lash out at anyone bothering her. She and her sister live in separate rooms due to the greatly different lifestyles they have."

037 - planet character designs - mercury

mercury is named bryce ferro. this is what i wrote about him:

"Bryce is small and quick, and also rather eccentric, even more so than the other boarders. He has a hard time staying in one place for a long period of time. This may be due to a slight balance problem he has that causes him to wobble slightly when standing still. He also collects iron things and has a large quantity of them strewn about his room."

036 - planet character designs - the sun

for my astronomy and illustration final projects, i chose to take characteristics of the planets (+the sun and pluto) and turn them into human characters. i gave them all names (that mean something related to what they're based on) and backgrounds and personalities. i also developed a storyline for them that goes like this:

"Solar Heights is a boarding house on Milky Way Blvd owned by Aidan Steren. He inherited it from his family and turned it into what it has become today. Though it may seem odd to find a middle-aged man running a boarding house on his own, Solar Heights runs very smoothly. The nearby apartment complex, Andromeda, is always looking to take over the building, knock it down, and turn it into another branch of apartments, but Aidan refuses to let it go without a fight.

It has three floors and a basement. The third floor is one whole suite occupied by Aidan himself. On the floor below lives Bryce, Eleanor, Gina and Aldred. The ground floor is occupied by Sherwin, Odelette, Eaton and Calder. Cole lives in the basement. The boarders all have their own odd little quirks and tend to butt heads ever so often."

this is the character based on the sun, aidan steren. here is what i wrote about him.

"Aidan is the landlord of the Solar Heights boarding house. He is older than all of his boarders and works hard to keep them in check. For the most part, they usually follow his rules and orders and respect him. He mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t leave his suite much. If the boarders need him, they usually go to him."

Monday, November 23, 2009

035 - character design

trying to develop the story that nottingham fits into more. this is another character who i named wren. all three are the same character, only in different reincarnations. it's hard to explain at the moment, i'm still working everything out.

textures from julkusiowa and resurgere.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

034 - character design

nottingham has become one of my favourite characters since i made him up over the summer and i've been developing him more. somehow, he ended up with a sort of deity form, pictured here. i'm super fond of drawing the both of them. i'm trying very hard to place a story around him, but it's proving to be difficult. i'm sure i'll come up with something eventually though, he's fun to think about.

there's a non textured version here.

textures are from
insan-stock, julkusiowa, and resurgere, all at deviantart.

033 - a midsummer night's dream

this is my favourite thing that i did in type last year. we had to take some sort of text in the public domain and design a book for part of it using only one font. i chose a midsummer night's dream because it's one of my favourite works by shakespeare. my font was baskerville because it's lovely.

this is only one page, but here's the whole book in pdf format: A Midsummer Night's Dream

032 - thank you card design

this was a thank you card for some event that we also had to design a postcard for. i spent much more time working on the thank you card so i'm showing that instead of the postcard.

031 - poster design

work from type class last year. i really enjoy typesetting but i don't do any of it anymore now that i don't have to take any graphic design classes, so i decided to upload some stuff from last year to show that i can do it. this was a poster for a festival.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

030 - favourite movie illustrations

i had an assignment in my illustration class to illustrate my favourite movie. i have tons of favourite movies, but i managed to narrow it down to the history boys. i did two, only because i wanted to incorporate the majority of the main characters and then i wanted to do a portrait of my favourite one, posner.

029 - character illustration / fanart

as any of you doctor who fans might know, the black guardian trilogy was finally released on dvd in august, and then here in the the states earlier this month. i made it a point to make sure mine were delivered exactly on that release date and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful amount of special features. i couldn't pass up a chance to draw good old turlough in the midst of all that. re-watching this trilogy always makes my turlough love kick right back up again and i end up doodling him everywhere. i usually end up making him pretty camp, but i don't think there's any denying that turlough was anything but. and i had always been wanting to include his lovely stripey socks in one drawing of him, so there we go.

028 - character illustration

another doodle from world civ. this mod rabbit is a character i made up some time spring semester last year. i like mods and i like rabbits. it's only natural to combine the two.

he rides a scooter too.

027 - character illustration

if you're wondering why exactly i'm uploading so many things out of the blue, i'm trying to put together a portfolio for an internship fair on friday so i'm finishing some doodles i've been doing in classes. mostly world civ because it's boring sometimes.

this one really just came out of nowhere and is pretty much me having fun. i want a long cigarette holder.

026 - character illustration

if any of you are dorks like i am and own the harry potter quidditch world cup game, play as england. they're my absolute favourite team and this is fanart of one of the chasers, keaton flitney (yes i've played it enough to know just which name goes with which character. at least for the chasers, keeper and seeker on england). i'm taking a harry potter class this semester, so it usually increases my nerd level to over 9000 and makes me draw nerdy things.

025 - self portrait

every once in a while i like to do a new self portrait with my doctor who scarf, just because it's epic and awesome and took me forever to knit.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

024 - marker character illustrations

sorry about me not posting anything, i've been caught up in my class work. but i bought some marker paper about a week ago and decided, after about a year of not using them, to play with my prismas. and of course, i end up defaulting to these characters when i'm playing with markers. coop and ten, aren't they lovely. i was thinking about doing the others from this storyline as well.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

023 - character design

i haven't posted anything all summer because i really haven't been doing anything all summer. but this is a quick character design that i did yesterday because i had an idea in my head that wouldn't go away. so yeah, threw this together. and that's really all i've got to say.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

022 - character illustration

the character from my previous update along with another from his story. i made a playlist for them and used this image to sort of.. well, advertise it i guess.

Monday, July 6, 2009

021 - character illustration

a doodle from work that i cleaned up and finished in photoshop. i felt like drawing just how i felt in my last semester's painting class, so i stuck my character quent into it. the dreary room is somewhat based on the painting studio at MWP, only much more desolate looking, if only to play up just how much i loathed the class. i'm not much for painting, really. which kind of sucks for whatever future in illustration i may have. why am i an art major guys, for serious.

Friday, July 3, 2009

020 - fanart

i was re-reading harry potter and the half-blood prince (so everything would be fresh in my mind when the movie came out) when i decided that i felt like drawing my two favourite characters - percy weasley and oliver wood. they're both background characters who don't get that much "screen time" and one of them is probably one of the most disliked characters in the series, even after his redemption in the last book. even jk rowling doesn't like percy. but i think he's a great, complex character and look forward to seeing him redeem himself in the last movie (even though he's been cut from the hbp one..)
oh man guys, i can not wait for my harry potter class next year.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

019 - character designs

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything in like a month and a half, but if it's any consolation, it's not because i've been forgetting - i just haven't been doing anything. but today i took my tablet to work in the afternoon and did some doodles. i unintentionally ended up making a new brush that i like using a whole lot, so these were the outcome of me playing with it. i can ink and tone at the same time!

i've been developing three storylines at once since summer started so i would be able to feel productive. these two characters are from one that i named furre high. it has a LOT of characters, and some day i'd love to have an image of all of them done in this style so i can make a booklet with everything - character designs, char profiles, season outlines... who knows if that will happen.. wish me luck!

seef is on top, tearah is on bottom. tearah is unfortunately cursed to forever look like me. what happened is when i made her back in middle school, i gave her the glasses and haircut that eventually i wanted for myself. ...and then i got them, and she basically became me. only as a rabbit anthro. oops. i draw her nose differently than mine though.. and i started drawing her with her hair pulled back, which is something that i don't do often. seef (who is actually named steve, but i've been calling him seef since middle school).

this story has like 6 books planned out if i were to ever turn it into a comic, and the designs change slightly from one book to the next. basically as the characters grow. so seef looks like how he would in the 5th/6th book and tearah looks like how she would in the 4th/5th.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

018 - sort of eh fanart

fanart's not something i do often, but i've been watching supernatural pretty much every day since i've been home and i couldn't help myself. (i heard about it ages ago and really wanted to watch is, but i only recently managed to get the episodes. and oh man do i dig it. everything i could ever want in a tv show [that's not British surprisingly] - theology, urban legends, ghosts, awesome brothers. what's not to like).

i just finally got to the 4th season last night and wow do i love castiel. i've always really loved angels and the idea behind them, and the fact that he's a badass angel that has no qualms about killing people makes me so happy.

so i threw this together while watching some episodes earlier. not my best, but i always have fun using heavy black shadows, despite how rarely i show it. plus, the look of castiel is based on the comic book character constantine - that might have something to do with how this turned out.

017 - flats

cartoony self portrait with and old, ooooooold character of mine that i draw a lot but never finish any drawings of. usually i end up drawing him with myself, along with another character that i don't do finished pictures of often. i usually just draw him picking on me for something because that's basically what he exists to do. here he's just chilling and being a creep. because that's also something that he exists to do. one day i'd love to do a series of comics about myself and these two characters (who i usually intend to be manifestations of the workings of my mind). but i'm just weird like that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

016 - finished

and because i can and really like how it came out, the close-up of the finished tengu.

015 - flats

i don't have anything new to upload at the moment, though i plan on changing that soon. for now, these are the flats for my finished tengu illustration for class. the final was one of my favourite pieces that i did all year.

the final can be seen on my website under the "school work" section.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

014 - war

i don't like how war came out as much as the others. in fact, the only thing i really like is his face.

013 - famine

famine unintentionally came out looking a bit like the star of bbc's series merlin, colin morgan. again, not intentional but he's my favourite nonetheless.

012 - death

death was fun because of his parka hood - i thought i was so clever when i came up with that. poppies because i needed a good symbol to take up room in the front, i didn't like how he looked without something there.

011 - pestilence

the first of four mod horsemen. pestilence was my second favourite to do. i had a lot of fun with the mucha-inspired smoke.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

010 - busts

more from my game design project. i had to do a few quick character images to put on one of the pages. i enjoy these - they look so much better on the computer than they did printed because our school printer is crazy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

009 - apocalyptic

i apologize for any and all inactivity, it's finals time and my default that makes me life busy and hectic. but i'm taking a quick time out to upload something i finished the other day.

this is the cover for my fake video game that i had to design. it's based on a storyline that i've been working on and developing for a little under a year. this is the main character, Cooper. orange sky because they just make me think of the apocalypse. or gallifrey.

once finals are finally up i hope to post more of the things i've been working on, along with a sort of sketch to finished thing for my illustration final that i mentioned in the previous post.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

008 - work in progress

not as interesting as i would've hoped, but i wanted to post something different. for my illustration final i'm creating a four part, art nouveau/mucha inspired piece. the assignment theme was old/new and was open to interpretation. so, in a stroke of brilliance, i came up with the idea of designing the four horsemen of the apocalypse as mods.

the image is what i have of my border template so far. there will probably be a scooter in the circle (each will be slightly different) and art nouveau inspired type in the empty space towards the bottom. the colours already there will change depending on what horseman it is.

i will try to post new steps along the way until the final is done.

Friday, April 17, 2009

007 - sketch

quick doodle of my character samson who fits into the main storyline project that i've been developing since summer. one of my main project this summer is to smooth out the majority of the story and make a little booklet (if only because bookmaking is so much fun) so i can keep things collected.

all my sketch posts have been pretty boring, i'm just now noticing. all the pictures are pretty static. i'll work on making the next one more exciting.

by the way, i'm really really excited about this movie coming out this summer. not only does it have two of my favourite actors in it, but it uses one of my favourite songs ever. should be a good one.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

006 - sketch

another of that same angel character from the first post. this time drawn super quickly and really without any planning which is why his pose is sort of strange. but i liked it enough to scan and maybe finish eventually nonetheless.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

005 - sketch

done at the tram sunday night while i was waiting for some friends to perform. one of my characters johnny, who is either a deer or just a regular guy. it always depends on my mood. this time he's just a guy but i tossed some antlers up there because damn antlers are cool. i also did not feel like finishing his legs or feet, apparently.

Monday, April 13, 2009

004 - sketch to finished

i always like looking at how much my sketches change when i digitally ink and colour them, so i decided to put these two poodle-boys next to each other and see how different they are. as you can see i disliked how i initially drew his one foot and changed the angle. i like it much better this way, he looks a bit more awkward and gangly i think.

003 - slightly old nerdy fanart

i was watching some episodes of doctor who today and decided to look at a doodle i did a few months ago of my favourite doctor and companion; five and turlough. looking at it now i realize that there are many things i could fix, but i do like to look back on old work and see how my style has grown and improved. the doctor who fans on deviantart seem to enjoy it, though.

002 - sketch

continuing with the mythology and folklore theme, this time something from japanese folk tales. they have some of the coolest creatures in them, this one is a kappa character i'm maybe developing for something (which is why he's holding a feather - part of something bigger). kappa are frog/turtle-like water-sprites that have water-filled craters on the tops of their heads and if all the water is spilled, they are seriously weakened or might even die. they also eat children and cucumbers. awesome. this one is much more anthropomorphized than regular kappa, but he fits into the probable story line better that way. this is in the process of being inked in photoshop.

001 - sketch

while i'm not a religious person in the slightest, i've always enjoyed the idea of angels and demons as i would anything out of mythology. so it's no surprise that i end up drawing them once and a while. so here, have a sketch that i scanned with every intention of finishing eventually but will probably not get around to doing it for a while.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i promise i will post things here soon