Monday, December 7, 2009

036 - planet character designs - the sun

for my astronomy and illustration final projects, i chose to take characteristics of the planets (+the sun and pluto) and turn them into human characters. i gave them all names (that mean something related to what they're based on) and backgrounds and personalities. i also developed a storyline for them that goes like this:

"Solar Heights is a boarding house on Milky Way Blvd owned by Aidan Steren. He inherited it from his family and turned it into what it has become today. Though it may seem odd to find a middle-aged man running a boarding house on his own, Solar Heights runs very smoothly. The nearby apartment complex, Andromeda, is always looking to take over the building, knock it down, and turn it into another branch of apartments, but Aidan refuses to let it go without a fight.

It has three floors and a basement. The third floor is one whole suite occupied by Aidan himself. On the floor below lives Bryce, Eleanor, Gina and Aldred. The ground floor is occupied by Sherwin, Odelette, Eaton and Calder. Cole lives in the basement. The boarders all have their own odd little quirks and tend to butt heads ever so often."

this is the character based on the sun, aidan steren. here is what i wrote about him.

"Aidan is the landlord of the Solar Heights boarding house. He is older than all of his boarders and works hard to keep them in check. For the most part, they usually follow his rules and orders and respect him. He mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t leave his suite much. If the boarders need him, they usually go to him."

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