Sunday, May 24, 2009

018 - sort of eh fanart

fanart's not something i do often, but i've been watching supernatural pretty much every day since i've been home and i couldn't help myself. (i heard about it ages ago and really wanted to watch is, but i only recently managed to get the episodes. and oh man do i dig it. everything i could ever want in a tv show [that's not British surprisingly] - theology, urban legends, ghosts, awesome brothers. what's not to like).

i just finally got to the 4th season last night and wow do i love castiel. i've always really loved angels and the idea behind them, and the fact that he's a badass angel that has no qualms about killing people makes me so happy.

so i threw this together while watching some episodes earlier. not my best, but i always have fun using heavy black shadows, despite how rarely i show it. plus, the look of castiel is based on the comic book character constantine - that might have something to do with how this turned out.

017 - flats

cartoony self portrait with and old, ooooooold character of mine that i draw a lot but never finish any drawings of. usually i end up drawing him with myself, along with another character that i don't do finished pictures of often. i usually just draw him picking on me for something because that's basically what he exists to do. here he's just chilling and being a creep. because that's also something that he exists to do. one day i'd love to do a series of comics about myself and these two characters (who i usually intend to be manifestations of the workings of my mind). but i'm just weird like that.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

016 - finished

and because i can and really like how it came out, the close-up of the finished tengu.

015 - flats

i don't have anything new to upload at the moment, though i plan on changing that soon. for now, these are the flats for my finished tengu illustration for class. the final was one of my favourite pieces that i did all year.

the final can be seen on my website under the "school work" section.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

014 - war

i don't like how war came out as much as the others. in fact, the only thing i really like is his face.

013 - famine

famine unintentionally came out looking a bit like the star of bbc's series merlin, colin morgan. again, not intentional but he's my favourite nonetheless.

012 - death

death was fun because of his parka hood - i thought i was so clever when i came up with that. poppies because i needed a good symbol to take up room in the front, i didn't like how he looked without something there.

011 - pestilence

the first of four mod horsemen. pestilence was my second favourite to do. i had a lot of fun with the mucha-inspired smoke.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

010 - busts

more from my game design project. i had to do a few quick character images to put on one of the pages. i enjoy these - they look so much better on the computer than they did printed because our school printer is crazy.

Monday, May 4, 2009

009 - apocalyptic

i apologize for any and all inactivity, it's finals time and my default that makes me life busy and hectic. but i'm taking a quick time out to upload something i finished the other day.

this is the cover for my fake video game that i had to design. it's based on a storyline that i've been working on and developing for a little under a year. this is the main character, Cooper. orange sky because they just make me think of the apocalypse. or gallifrey.

once finals are finally up i hope to post more of the things i've been working on, along with a sort of sketch to finished thing for my illustration final that i mentioned in the previous post.