Thursday, August 19, 2010

089 - nerd fanart

inception was definitely my favourite movie of the summer, i saw it three times. eames and arthur have not only taken over my head, but they're also taken over my usual internet haunts.

this illustration was inspired by this hilarious website: (right down to tom hardy's redic 13 year old girl myspace photo. he's the most insane, hilarious actor i've seen in a long time. i like how he just doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.)

eames has stolen millais' ophelia that i made a shoddy reproduction of in about 45 minutes, and arthur has a greek vase i found on google.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

088 - character illustration

i've been working on some different, more cartoony styles before i start my last year at pratt. i wanted a simple, slightly more geometric way to differentiate between characters. since the main characters from my 'myth u' storyline are so different from each other, i figured they'd be the best test subjects.

morris (kappa) is made to be round, george (tengu/gryphon) is meant to be a bit long and spindly, and corin (kitsune) is all points.

i also drew them in different types of outfits. morris is in a variation of their school uniform, george is in his every day street clothes and corin is in his traditional dress.

087 - character illustration

some old, old characters that i don't draw enough. they're from the same story as these characters. their names are patrick and ilsa, and they're probably a couple of bad kids.

086 - nerd fanart

i love the scott pilgrim comic series, and after i saw the movie last friday i was so inspired that i had to draw myself in the style. and re-read all of the books. if i existed in the scott pilgrim universe, my weapon of choice would be a hockey stick. because i like to draw hockey sticks.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

085 - nerd fanart

slowly but surely i'm still trying to meet this goal. my roommate ad i rescued a trapped mouse from our kitchen yesterday, and it really made me want to draw the chuus all mousy.

Monday, August 2, 2010

084 - nerd fanart

tonight i rewatched singin' in the rain for the i've-seen-it-so-many-times-that-i've-lost-count time and felt like tossing up some fanart. i love old mgm musicals, and there's really nothing better than this one. they don't make films like it anymore, it's a real shame.