Thursday, January 28, 2010

050 - character illustration

a doodle i did while watching supernatural one day that i decided to touch up.

wren isn't religious in the slightest, despite the fact that he's a close personal friend of a deity that exists in all time, but i personally love religious imagery. hence the halo and the pose. slightly art nouveau inspired because i love that too. the colours in the background are meant to represent sunrise and sunset, symbolizing wren's constant death and rebirth within nott's storyline.

if i had better handwriting, the little ribbon bit would say "who wants to live forever."

049 - character designs

two sets of character designs for two different ideas i have for my children's book class. they haven't been through crit yet, so any of them may be subject to change. but i do enjoy them the way they are right now.

once i chose between the two of them, i'm probably going to end up posting more working images of the book itself until I have the dummy finished at the end of the semester.

i love those pigeons at the bottom.

Friday, January 15, 2010

048 - sketch compilation

i do a lot of sketches that i really like, but they never are seen out of my sketchbook because they're basically just plain, static busts and i do far too many of those. faces are my favourite to draw, along with hands, so most of my stuff is pretty similar. but i've been sketching a pretty good deal over this break, so i decided to compile some of my favourites together in one image since i probably wouldn't upload them otherwise.

from top to bottom, left to right:

-one of the characters from my storyline furre high, tearah's private school attending friend, lacy. i have fun drawing her hair.

-merlin from the bbc's series of the same name, because i am far far too fond of colin morgan. i was watching prince of egypt and i swear that moses looks exactly like a scruffier, cartoon version of colin morgan. same facial structure and everything.

-fluffy canine, cartoon version of myself, who I don't draw enough. i love big fluffy tails and big paws.

-a little bat i doodled while watching some episodes of supernatural.

-fifth doctor, because i apparently draw him far too much.

-my colin morgan kick gave me the urge to watch the episode midnight of doctor who, because that's where i first saw him anyway. i love jethro. apparently there's a life size cardboard cut out of him. who wouldn't want a six foot emo kid!colin morgan, i know i do.

-i really just wanted to draw my outfit that i wore yesterday. the wonderful shirt design is by emmy cicierega.

-more emo kid!colin morgan. playing around with styles.

-tezrl. i've been struggling with his design for a long time, but now i think i'm finally happy with it. he's still a firefly, but now he's got some sort of mustelidae in him.

so there you have it, a small fraction of my sketchbook.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

047 - character illustration (fanart)

the tenth doctor's final episode just premiered, thus ending david tennant's wonderful time in the role. i've invested far too much time into this series, and david tennant was the first doctor i ever watched. i couldn't resist finishing up an old sketch i had to contribute to his big send off.

i am incredibly excited for the next actor stepping into the role, though. from the little we've been shown, he looks fantastic.

046 - character illustration (fanart)

first thing i finished after getting home for winter break. my favourite doctor (peter davison) done in a style inspired by the work of jc leyendecker.