Sunday, January 23, 2011

105 - comic series pre-production

here's the majority of the planning i've done for my senior project this semester. i'm working hard to flesh out this world. i still have a few more things to name though - rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, major cities... and so on. i'm planning on designing many, many more characters as i go along, too.

the name of this planet is "ides" by the way. it's a smaller planet than earth, which is why the oceans are much smaller.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

104 - character design

on wednesdays this semester i have a break in between my two classes and i can't see myself wanting to walk all the way back to my apartment and then back to campus during that time, so today i sat in my school's cintiq lab and drew. i really love those computers - what i wouldn't give to have one for myself. so here's tezrl sans hat (he looks a little like a bear, it's odd) and the design for a lionfish man pirate in my steampunk world.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

103 - nerd fanart

since i enjoyed the pacific as much as i did, i decided to watch band of brothers. it was just as great and i loved all of the characters, but my favourites were definitely doc eugene roe and babe heffron. so i did some screencap paintings. both from episode 6.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

102 - character design

done last night after i was inspired by the song "dust bowl dance" by mumford & sons. here's my character nottingham if he were a wild west outlaw. i might have to draw things like this more often, it's fun to adapt my designs into something else. it was also very satisfying to see that without his usual hairstyle, his face still looked like nottingham and no one else.

and just for fun, here's the song that inspired this:
dust bowl dance - mumford & sons

101 - nerd fanart

i got the pacific dvd box set for christmas, so i decided to do another one of those digital paintings based on a screencap that i liked doing so much over the summer. like the others, i'm still not 100% satisfied with this one, but i think they're moving up. this time around, it's hoosier as portrayed by jacob pitts.

100 - screenprinting positives

i took a screen printing class this past semester, and while i don't have photos of the actual finished prints, i do have the digital positives/colour studies that i did for them.

for our first assignment we could do whatever we wanted. the second was the prompt "what's wrong with the art world, a diagram for study." the third was "inside, outside" and it had to be double sided, so each figure was on a separate side of the paper. the final was "your art is…" which i took to mean a piece that looks like it fits with the rest of my work.

099 - editorial illustration

this was a piece for my master's studio class. it's based on a pretty awful article about two girls who violently kicked a man to death because he was a homosexual. not my favourite subject matter, but what good are assignments if not to pull you out of your comfort zone?

098 - sequential pages

two weeks into my winter break, so i figured it's time to upload a few left over things from the end of last semester. here are the comics that i did in my sequential class, including the finished pages that i posted the lines for previously.

the first section of comics is my steampunk one. the second set is for an assignment where we had to write a 100-word story and then do a 2-page comic based on it. the third set was our first assignment - two comics based on the poem ozymandias by shelley and a shakespearean sonnet (i don't remember which sonnet i chose, but the sonnet is the first in this sequence of comics). the last is a 5-page comic we had to do based on an autobiographic story.