Friday, April 15, 2011

108 - misc stuff

it's been forever since my last post, and for that i am sorry. i've just been so busy doing school work and going to my internship that i just haven't had the chance to upload anything. i've been working on my webcomic, but i don't want to post the pages in too many places or else no one will want to read them when i finally launch the thing, so instead here are some random things i've been doing lately/found on my desktop.

and for those who care...
-webcomic char design. one of the pirates on an all female pirate ship. her name is mara.
-webcomic char design. another female pirate. named cassandra.
-stray, one-eyed cat, vincent.
-webcomic char design. - pirate captain ridgemont.
-nerd fanart. the fifth doctor and turlough from doctor who.
-nerd fanart that i don't think i ever really liked enough to post anywhere. modern day au!merlin and arthur from merlin.
-nerd fanart. flareon from pokemon. i have fun drawing pokemon in this style.
-nerd fanart. i really love drawing rapunzel from disney's new movie tangled. her design is so great and all that hair is a blast to draw. done without reference, so blame any inaccuracies and my inability to draw pascal on that.
-nerd fanart. i watched a few episodes of young justice and fell in love with the character design work. my fave sidekick, robin.
-self-portrait of me in my winter gear enjoying farmer's market hot cider.
-nerd fanart. i think i might have posted super!merlin before, haven't i? well, i doodled him again in the style of jemma salume. but i wasn't looking at refs so i got my own design wrong. oops.
-character design. cooper in an alternate universe as a struggling med student intern.
-nerd fanart. a birthday card i did for my niece's birthday in february. again, i really like to draw rapunzel.
-webcomic character design. randomly drew a weird looking guy with a long braid, turned him into a character for my comic. he's an eccentric, dandy of a millionaire who is somehow friends with thursday.