Tuesday, August 7, 2012

150 - double double toil and trouble

part of my absence from blog posting can be blamed on teen wolf's second season starting up in june. i was obsessed with season one, and it just got even better this time around.

it's also responsible for somehow getting me a constantly growing following over on tumblr, which in turn is responsible for getting me the commissions that have been helping me to pay my student loan this month. so thanks, teen wolf. have one tiny piece of the huge amount of fanart i've been doing.

149 - spiders

some of my friends from pratt had been talking bout doing different illustration prompts and last week they gave me the word 'spider.'

now, because i have been doing my own personal project (and will post about it when it's done) and commission work to get money to pay my student loans, i put the spider off til the last minute and don't have a big fancy illustration to show.

but i do have this cute little doodle of a peacock spider.