Friday, January 15, 2010

048 - sketch compilation

i do a lot of sketches that i really like, but they never are seen out of my sketchbook because they're basically just plain, static busts and i do far too many of those. faces are my favourite to draw, along with hands, so most of my stuff is pretty similar. but i've been sketching a pretty good deal over this break, so i decided to compile some of my favourites together in one image since i probably wouldn't upload them otherwise.

from top to bottom, left to right:

-one of the characters from my storyline furre high, tearah's private school attending friend, lacy. i have fun drawing her hair.

-merlin from the bbc's series of the same name, because i am far far too fond of colin morgan. i was watching prince of egypt and i swear that moses looks exactly like a scruffier, cartoon version of colin morgan. same facial structure and everything.

-fluffy canine, cartoon version of myself, who I don't draw enough. i love big fluffy tails and big paws.

-a little bat i doodled while watching some episodes of supernatural.

-fifth doctor, because i apparently draw him far too much.

-my colin morgan kick gave me the urge to watch the episode midnight of doctor who, because that's where i first saw him anyway. i love jethro. apparently there's a life size cardboard cut out of him. who wouldn't want a six foot emo kid!colin morgan, i know i do.

-i really just wanted to draw my outfit that i wore yesterday. the wonderful shirt design is by emmy cicierega.

-more emo kid!colin morgan. playing around with styles.

-tezrl. i've been struggling with his design for a long time, but now i think i'm finally happy with it. he's still a firefly, but now he's got some sort of mustelidae in him.

so there you have it, a small fraction of my sketchbook.

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