Sunday, May 24, 2009

018 - sort of eh fanart

fanart's not something i do often, but i've been watching supernatural pretty much every day since i've been home and i couldn't help myself. (i heard about it ages ago and really wanted to watch is, but i only recently managed to get the episodes. and oh man do i dig it. everything i could ever want in a tv show [that's not British surprisingly] - theology, urban legends, ghosts, awesome brothers. what's not to like).

i just finally got to the 4th season last night and wow do i love castiel. i've always really loved angels and the idea behind them, and the fact that he's a badass angel that has no qualms about killing people makes me so happy.

so i threw this together while watching some episodes earlier. not my best, but i always have fun using heavy black shadows, despite how rarely i show it. plus, the look of castiel is based on the comic book character constantine - that might have something to do with how this turned out.

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