Wednesday, June 24, 2009

019 - character designs

i'm sorry i haven't posted anything in like a month and a half, but if it's any consolation, it's not because i've been forgetting - i just haven't been doing anything. but today i took my tablet to work in the afternoon and did some doodles. i unintentionally ended up making a new brush that i like using a whole lot, so these were the outcome of me playing with it. i can ink and tone at the same time!

i've been developing three storylines at once since summer started so i would be able to feel productive. these two characters are from one that i named furre high. it has a LOT of characters, and some day i'd love to have an image of all of them done in this style so i can make a booklet with everything - character designs, char profiles, season outlines... who knows if that will happen.. wish me luck!

seef is on top, tearah is on bottom. tearah is unfortunately cursed to forever look like me. what happened is when i made her back in middle school, i gave her the glasses and haircut that eventually i wanted for myself. ...and then i got them, and she basically became me. only as a rabbit anthro. oops. i draw her nose differently than mine though.. and i started drawing her with her hair pulled back, which is something that i don't do often. seef (who is actually named steve, but i've been calling him seef since middle school).

this story has like 6 books planned out if i were to ever turn it into a comic, and the designs change slightly from one book to the next. basically as the characters grow. so seef looks like how he would in the 5th/6th book and tearah looks like how she would in the 4th/5th.

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