Saturday, February 6, 2010

051 - character illustration

something i did for my digital painting class. it's still early in the semester, so everything we're doing in class right now is stuff that i've been doing for years. needless to say, it's a bit boring. but i'm really looking forward to it picking up.

my assignment was to take a sketch we had, scan it in, separate the lines from the background, add colour to the lines and colour beneath and whatnot. like i said, pretty basic stuff. but it gave me a chance to use something i was already planning to do as a homework assignment.

here's cooper in the final "book" of my apocalyptic storyline. he lets the back of his hair grow back and cuts the front off. he and tenenbaum get jobs at a boring old convenience store, hence his uniform shirt. he ditches the kilt in an attempt to lay low. shit goes down at the end of the second to last book. i'm just saying. hopefully one day you guys will end up seeing this as a proper comic.

cooper is also my favourite. always.

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