Tuesday, June 1, 2010

065 - speedpaint fanart

i recently finished the hbo miniseries the pacific and i absolutely loved it. i'm a major history nerd, so show me a good wwii story and i'll eat it up. snafu and sledge were my favourites, so i decided to take a cap of snafu i found going through the pacific tag on tumblr (this tumblr to be specific) and do a speed painting. all together it took me a little over an hour and a half or so. i'm still working on my speed-painting skills, this doesn't look enough like rami malek for me to be completely satisfied with it. but it will do for now.

i now want to do one of sledgehammer. with his pipe.


  1. Very nice, I need to watch the last half of the last part still. This was quite a different series from Band of Brothers, but it rocks still!

  2. the last episode made me tear up a bit, it was so good. i really need to watch band of brothers, i've heard nothing but awesome things about it.