Sunday, October 17, 2010

093 - character design

after i finished my myth u characters, i went onto fleshing out nottingham's story. this semester is really great for me, i'm actually coming up with plotlines for sets of characters that had none in the past. i really want to sit down and make a 'paper doll' type thing for wren, since he/she reincarnates so much over history - i would get to draw all sorts of historical outfits which would make the almost-history major in me very happy.

(i'm also really happy that i finally sat down and drew reference for hollom's tattoos. i always forget what they look like.)

EDIT: i finished the final illustration on this one. it might still need a bit more work, but i think it shows the real basis of this story. wren and nott are pretty much just two guys who get drunk and goof off and avoid all responsibilities. and one just happens to be a disheartened deity.

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