Thursday, November 10, 2011

117 - animorphs

the animorphs books were my favourite series growing up and and pleased to say that it holds up well over time. i'm nearly finished rereading the entire series and felt like i had to do some sort of artwork involving the main characters, so i took my love for reversible face-card style illustrations and drew these.


  1. I realize you draw this years ago but I just found it on deviantART. I thought I comment about it on here (mainly because I like this one just a little bit better. Only because it shows all of them right side up). I haven't read the Animorphs in a loooong time (I miss them!) but I still love them! This is a great drawing! Love it! ^-^

  2. This has go to be the most AWESOME fan art I've seen in a while! I still 'ship Cassie and Jake so hard! This is great!!!