Saturday, June 2, 2012

148 - winter is coming

i've been wanting to do drawings of all the stark (+jon snow) kids with their dire wolves for a while, and the other day, the idea for these portraits came to me. i won't go into too many details about why each of them is pictured the way they are because i don't want to spoil anything for people who are only watching the show and not reading the books.


  1. These are great! Esp. Jon and Sansa. I really like all of your work here. If you don't mind, there's a link to your blog on my sketchblog.

  2. I stumbled onto your blog from Heather Sisson's blog, and have come to the realization that we pretty much like all of the same things!

    I love what you did with Robb (I read the books), and strangely Sansa (who I find deplorable, especially in the books).

    1. oooh, i'm afraid we're going to disagree there. i think sansa is brilliant and she's actually one of my favourite characters in the whole series - books and show.

      but thanks for the compliment, regardless!

    2. I can't believe I didn't see your reply earlier, sorry!

      I wanted to like Sansa a lot more than I ended up liking her by the end of book five, although I always feel bad for her. She's risen in my esteem as the books go on for sure. We shall just have to wait for book six!